NO!  I am not breaking up with you!  In Fact, I love you very much.  I love when you watch my videos.  I love when you comment on my blogs and I love when I see you out at shows.

I find it strangely humorous that you want to hear Free Bird despite my insistence that it is an over played song.

I love that you are convinced I should try out for The Voice and its that kind of support that keeps me going every week.

But why do you stay in MN Jud?  Why are you not doing bigger things? 

Some great questions!  But really the answers are not really satisfying. 

I am  a committed husband and father of two.  I believe that I am in the right place in my career right now.  I am happy with everything the local music industry has to offer.

Let me pose a question though…

Name the last five winners of the Voice from the top of your head?  Heck Name the last Three!

I bet you struggled to remember (unless you are an avid follower).  You see, I think that the hardest part of being on a contest show like this is the follow up.

Anyways, my kids are super young and I really like being close to home. 

Thanks for hanging with me and I will see you at a  show soon!


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