I’m super proud of my new single, Whiskey & Me, but releasing deeply emotional ballads is always tough. It’s hard to know if the song is going to connect with people or if it might hit too close to home for some and make them uncomfortable.

So, when I heard that the Canadian-based, Sleeping Bag Studios reviewed my new single I was a little nervous. Those nerves quickly faded away and I became more and more humbled as I read the review.

He has a really cool perspective on my song and I was blown away by the amount of research he did on my background as a musician. You can check out the article here for yourself by clicking the link at the end of this post.
If you haven’t heard my new single yet, you can listen to it here on the website or find it on your favorite music service. Don’t forget to check out the store for new merchandise and song downloads!

“Whiskey & Me can be downright terrifyingly real as Jud pours himself into the endless depths of the bottle throughout the words of his new single, drowning himself in sorrows while serving us up a sweet mix of heartbreaking melody & spot-on musicianship.”
Jer@SBS – Sleeping Bag Studios


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