Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021

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Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021

Case Studies | 0 comments

Written by Jud Hailey


2021 is already hitting the road at top speeds of awesomeness! Although, it might be the wizard behind the curtain. Iv’e been trying to find ways to unveil the little parts of me to help you understand where I come from in music. However, this list is just a small part of my listening desires. For those of you that do not know me; I am an Americana music singer/songwriter from the midwest of the U.S. Americana music comes in many forms however the main theme is known as Country music. Enough said! The following is a quick list of my current favorite Americana Music Albums!


Ok this one is easy! While I didn’t list any of these titles in any particular order; I thought of this album first. Just like all of his previous albums, this one has a little of everything for everyone. Chris Stapleton rolled out into the scene and blew me off my feet! The songs Stapelton writes are just pure classic Americana Music! I am continually inspired by Chris’s singing style and poetry. Starting Over is a home run! The songs on this Americana album will be listened to for many generations.

Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021 - JUD HAILEY


This Power Group of amazingly talented women consists of four singer songwriters ( Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby, Maren Morris, and Amanda Shires). Crowded Tables is a track that hits me like a coffee on the side of a mountain on a beautiful morning. Ok! That was a little hard to follow. I love that they sing every word together with a sprinkle of harmony. I you need an introduction to Highwomen you must catch their performance of The Chain. This group is no stranger to country music!

Cuttin’ Grass – Sturgill Simpson – Country Music Hit

I Don’t Mind takes my breath away. Sturgill’s smooth vocals on this track make me want to get out and drive! I love that he isn’t afraid to tie in that good ‘ole solid bluegrass Americana style singing and song. There isn’t much to say about this album that hasn’t already been said! Get in the car and go for a ride and listen to freedom.

Iwas introduced to Sturgill with his amazing protest at the Country Music Awards 2017.

Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021 - JUD HAILEY

Keep ‘Em on They Toes – Brent Cobb – Americana Music

I caught wind of Brent Cobb live at a concert in Minneapolis. He and his band opened for Chris Stapelton on the Travelers tour. While Diggin’ Holes is an amazing testament to Brents song writing Keep ‘Em on They Toes brings you right into Brents heart. There is now doubt this song came from a place of overthinking and genuine creative drive.

Listen on Spotify:

Imaginary Appalachia – Colter Wall – Americana Music/Folk Music

I caught wind of Colter Wall on a trip out west in Tahoe. My wive and I put on a playlist and went for a drive around the lake. When Sleeping On The Blacktop hit we both stopped to listen. What an incredible song. Its hard to believe he is so young with such and amazing rich voice! Watch on Youtube

Very Best Americana Albums You Need to Listen To 2021

Room 41 – Paul Cauthen

A late night drive home from a show when I stumble across this gem! The song that has me tapping my feet and sing the chorus is Cocaine Country Dancing. Take a listen for yourself! I guarantee you will listen to it more than once!😆
Dangerous: The Double Album – Morgan Wallen
What a great piece of art! Morgan Wallen and his writers have built an amazing collection of songs. I can’t count how many times I have listened to this album! I know his actions off stage can out shadow his music but trust me when I say its worth a second chance!
Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021
Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021
A Rock – Hardy
Hardy wrote and sang a tune called Gods Country. Black Shelton sang that song on his 2019 release. I was so stunned by Hardy’s voice and tamper on this Youtube video I became a fan for life. Anyone that is a fan of Morgan Wallen or a hand full of artists should be a fan of Hardy’s. After he is the writer for a few of those artists!
All Good Things – Jud Hailey
Did ya see that coming?? I mean it is a big year! 2021 will be a fruitful year! This album was released on Jan 1 to the world and already has 1000’s of streams across all streaming platforms.

13 American Songs with a tremendous amount of variety! Actually, so much so that I questioned if some songs fit with the bunch.

Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021
Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021


To me Tyler embodies Americana Music!  The sound he produces on this album is raw yet honest.  One of my favorites is Whitehouse Road.  A solid sound!

Notes From The Author

Whats in a review anyway?  Music is so subjective!  Give anyone a platform and a little push; they’ll for sure have opinions to share.  The titles I named are just albums that inspire me to make music, art, and stuff.  The songs bring me a subset of emotions that enable my brain to think.  Americana music isn’t for everyone but before you write the genre off as something not for you; I have a challenge for you.  Find a playlist on your favorite streaming platform with popular Americana listens and allow it to happen.  Come back here and leave a comment of what you found!

I appreciate your readership!  Soon I’ll be able to afford an editor and fix all the errors!  Until then we will all just have to deal with the mistakes.😆😘

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