Such a super busy and HOT summer!  I hope you have had the chance to to enjoy a show near you!  If not there is plenty of opportunity for you!  This year marks the busiest summer I have had yet!

I am enjoying it!  Yet if you catch a Sunday afternoon show you will defiantly hear the week wearing on my vocal cords. ( a first this year was losing my voice!) Click here for more show dates

I recently went to San Francisco to perform at a wedding.  While I was there I had the opportunity to do a lot of really cool stuff!  I got it on film and put together a little video.

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a peek at it and let me know what you think.

It was an amazing trip!  But the minute I landed in SF I felt a fever coming on.  By 9pm I had a full blown fever.  I tried to sleep it off (quite frankly I thought I was a bit slow from the beer I had the night before).  Although, by morning I had a full blown Swollen throat.

I waited 24hrs before it was confirmed Strep from the Oakland urgent care.  After explaining that I was here to perform for a wedding in 10hrs they pumped me full of antibiotics and steroids!

I was feeling amazing by 5:00pm that day!  Thank goodness for that.  The wedding was amazing and I was able to sing all night without issue.

This summer I released the new store on!  The reaction to the store as been amazing!  When I started adding products I was quick to add anything.

I promised I would add something new each week.  Yet as (unfortunately) summer starts to turn to Fall I have slowed down on adding stuff.

The reason is I have been hand picking stuff for a NEW Line called the Signature Series.  I pumped for this series and I know you will love it too!

Anyways!  Here is a quick preview of one of the new Signature Series items.

Do you see that!  Thats right VIP holders you are in luck!  This is the first series that you can get at cost! Plus you will have early access to the limited products!  Thanks for being a member!

If you aren’t a member yet don’t worry.  The next enrollment will be SEPT 1st.  You will have to wait until then.

In my next email I will include a link to reserve your spot.  Until then!


By the way!  Have you ordered your FREE copy of Jackson Hole Raw yet?  It’s 100% Free!  I am just asking for shipping cost’s.  Click Here for more info


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