2021! It’s twenty21!

This is my annual blog post. I really should do this more often… comment if you think I should!

That’s fun to say and to think about. I’m a huge sci-fi nerd and I kinda like knowing that I live in the future. At least by the standards of every ‘80s sci-fi movie I watched as a kid.

As a kid I wore out the VHS movies I loved! I remember my choices were limited but at the same time we had a huge collection of movies. Still, I gravitated towards maybe a handful of movies. As a Netflix adult today I would be sorely disappointed by our collection.

I’m not sure about but we had 100s of titles to choose from. Every time there was a holiday or somebody’s birthday it was a reason to gift a movie or two. I’m pretty sure we had more titles then Netflix did in their infancy.

From my Hotel gym. I can tell I’m gonna get an exciting pump from this gym with all the options. (Insert sarcasm)

Now in 2021, I have a hard time finding something to commit my watching time too. It’s precious time after all! With all the options I find myself in a never ending cycle of NOPE! Ha!

Can you relate? It’s seems like things are so much better today but at the same time way more complicated! it’s really the same with music too. I wonder if the superstars of yesterday are the last of a dying breed. They ushered in the age of the stolen MP3 and digital format. Today it’s all about quantity over quality. The average listener doesn’t so much care about the artist just the song.

In a way, the way it should be. I wonder if movie producers and writers are feeling the same.

Top Watched Movie’s (as a kid)

#3 Star Wars

Cause it’s pretty awesome! But as a kid I wouldn’t watch the whole movie. I only had enough attention to make it through the Vader Fight scene. That and my mom forgot to press record right away when she recorded it from a TV airing. So I got all the amazing 80s commercials and all! 😂 It would be many years later before I would see the whole movie on DVD.

#2 Rad

My best friend and I used to watch this movie to get all pumped up about riding! His big brother was an avid BMXer and he tried to follow in brother’s footsteps. We used to do some pretty crazy stuff. Broke my arm(the first time) trying to show off to my little sister and her friends after watching this movie! Highly recommend this movie! 😂😂

#1 Back To The Future

Ok!!! I still watch these movies at least once a year! I have tried to get my kids into them with no success. As they are a little slow compared to today’s movies.

But the whole point of my post is to connect the point that the movies from the 80s that represent the future couldn’t have been more wrong and more correct at the same time.

To Wrap it up

I’m ready for 2021 and all the possibilities. Unless those possibilities are another series of lockdowns. Then of course I’m not ready. And that’s that.


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