Planned Week

| Never Goes To Plan

No matter how well planned out my week is it never goes exactly to plan.  Thats usually the case though… Right?

Last weeks shows were in town and some venues that I quite often perform at.  However, from the very start it was wasn’t mundane or expected.

The weather was amazing and the crowds were out.  I performed Wednesday through Sunday and I didn’t sing a single song twice!  Challenging and fun!

Pre-wedding setup. Jud sports is best rain gear...

Ceremonies in The Rain

Nathan and I performed at a wedding ceremony on Saturday evening.  It was set on a beautiful property with horses and chickens and wide open spaces.

Not a single person let the rain get them down.  The owners of the property Jen and Stew were extremely accommodating!  You guys defiantly go in my book of memories!

Brittany and Erik were hosting as the Bride and Groom.  Brittany did a fantastic job putting the pieces together.

Brittanys dad and his friend jumped on stage and sang Shaggy’s Angel (https://open.spotify.com/track/7xHsIaGEmiZunovi6oFtQz?si=E6ixd7VqSnq-0GSZu0f9eQ)!  They knocked it out of the park!

We all had so much fun that we stayed on stage for an extra 2 hours!  Thanks for having us guys!

Our Personal Heros

On Friday I found out that Anthony Bourdain took his own life. This is one of those celebrity suicides that SHOOK me to the bones.

I felt it for most of the day and week. The thought still lingers with me with feelings like why and how.  People, I am not oblivious to the pain of life but how does someone who seeminelying has it all get to a emotional low with out help.

I don’t want to be to heavy handed here or ignorantly write something insensitive.  But it is without a doubt a foreign concept to me.

On slow weekend mornings and rainy evenings my wife Alli and I consume every bit of this mans work. From his amazing books to his captivating television.
We attended his lectures and allowed him to mold us into inspired culinary tourists. So much so that we dream to explore cultures through food and local markets. I often hear Tony’s voice in my head while examining the menu of a new restaurant.
I am more than sadden by the news that he is no longer with us. I will keep his friends and more importantly his family in good thoughts through this hard time.

I love you guys!  I want to inspire you through music to see how precious life is.  To see how lucky we are to get to experience food, music, love, and laughter.

Try to smile every minute and laugh as much as you can… it just helps

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255


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