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Beer & Wine

Green Rooms And More

There is always this smell from the past years in the room.  The only way I can describe it is an old basement meets your grandmas house.  Almost like you could smell the bands that were there before you. 

They have always just been called them green rooms.  I’m not really sure why because for the most part they weren’t Green.  In fact, they were covered in the stickers by the bands that had been there before.

All kinds of stickers!  big ones small ones and they all had this retro 80’s cartoon character on them! LOL

I was never interested in stickers then because every band or musician had them.  It seemed to be over done. 

“Dude! we have stickers!  Now were are a real band!” – said every college student…EVER

The fad seemed to fade with out notice. 

In turn, I HAVE STICKERS AND BUTTONS!  I guess I am super excited about this because I have never had them.  Also, seems so RETRO to have them! LOL

What was old and nonsensically to me then is now clearer then blue waters.  When I received my first order i was overwhelmed with excitement! 

Anyways!  I want you to have one!  Come to any show and pick one up! 

These buttons and stickers are so cool! You have got to get yours! I am really enjoying designing news too. So fare this is the 3rd edition of them! collect them all

The People I Meet

Last week I was at Ansari’s, Barley & Vine, and Me & Julio’s.  It was  light week for shows but  as you already know from my last blog Dollar Bill Notes that was planned.

I met some super cool people though!  I love hearing stories of people and what brought them to the venue that night.

It amazes me how many people I meet on any given week that are traveling from out of state.  Here on work or vacation.

If you are coming out to see me specify saw hello!  I’d love to chat with you. 

Anyways, thanks for coming around!  I’ll see you at the next show and have  safe July 4th holiday!

This was a fun group of people down in Hastings! They hung out all night with us!
Nate teaching me how to play the guitar case...
Joni has been a friend of mine through music for a few years now. I enjoy hanging with her between sets. If you see her say hello!
These two are the stars of the week! They came out to every show! They met in Vegas about a year ago. Harold moved for his job to Wisconsin. Lisa flys out to MN from Utah to meet Harold for the weekend. They are awesome people! Good luck guys! hope to see ya soon!
John and Shannon at Barley & Vine. John turns 1/2 century soon and I will be singing the oldest songs I can for his party.

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