The Dollar Bill Notes

The Dollar Bill Notes

What a week!  Summer solstice was just last week!  Whats awesome about that is its my dads birthday! 

Happy Birthday Young Man!

The week was filled with shows!  in fact, 6 shows in 5 days.  I am rather enjoying this day off with my kids.  We are chilling by the pool. 

However, I love to see you at shows.  I saw and chatted with many of you.  It was clear to me that summer was in full swing this last weekend.  Y’all party a little differently in the summer.  LOL

Looking back at last year I was performing about the same frequency.  As you may recall I performed 6 shows 5 days a week for 22 weeks!!  THATS TOO MUCH lol

My voice payed for it.  Nearing the end of the year I was forced to go to the Ear, Nose, & Throat Doctor to which I was forced to cancel shows and take almost 8 weeks off.

Seems dramatic but the alternative was far worse.  The doc said that if I didn’t change my routine of singing than I will end up getting surgery on my  vocal chords.

So aside from resting 8 weeks; I changed somethings at my show.  First I give my voice a 30 min rest once per show.  Instead of a brief 15 min break.

Secondly, I tuned my guitar down half a step.  This helps me sing in a lower register.  It prevents me from blowing out my vocal chords.

Thirdly, I stagger the weeks that I play so often.  This gives me a few more days of rest I need.

Of course, I always warm up and stretch and stuff….

Anyways!  I try to be pretty consistent with my breaks.  I always take  a 30min break around 1.5 hours into the show.

See ya at the next show!


Loved ya but...Came to listen to you! Not your 40 min tape. Really??? ~Anonymous
Loved ya but...Came to listen to you! Not your 40 min tape. Really??? ~Anonymous

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