If you joined me at any of my shows last week then you know it was a special week.  The weather was just right and the air had a slight touch of Fall in it.

The sunsets were pink and orange.  Despite work the next morning you joined me.  Breaking into the weekend fast and hard!

At Baldman Brewing it seemed when they opened the doors people just kept coming in for hours!  I love it when the dancing feeling hits you.

For those of you who haven’t seen a show; I will keep a spot open for you on the dance floor.

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Skipping to Barley & Vine late Saturday night.  I was in the middle of my 1st set just after the sun went down on the patio when all of a sudden.

SNAP!  My high E string breaks.  If you are not a guitar player you might have a bit of anxiety right now.

Yet trust me when I say this happens all the time (sometimes multiple times a night).  I was relaxed because I was certain I had an extra string.

I turned on the break music and stepped off stage.  I headed over to my strings and grabbed the right one.

Just than I noticed something that threw me into a panic.  In 18 years of performing professionally I have never lost this nor was I about to.

The guitar PIN that holds the string in the guitar had fallen out.  Whats worse is there is no light and there are dark crevices and grated drains everywhere. 

So the search begins.  I turn on the flashlight feature on my phone and begin searching the ground.

5 mins or so I notice someone joining me in my search. One by one more people joined me.  At on point I see there are 15-20 people all over the patio with their flashlights out helping me

find an item that they have most likely never seen.  We eventually found the PIN resting deep inside one of my cases under an axel (Im not sure how it found its way there). 

Again, if you were at Barley & Vine Thank you!  I hope you enjoyed the on the spot song.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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