Stars Align

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Stars Align

Hopefully The stars will align
and we can untangle our wings and fly into the sky

Finally we ‘ll see it as a sign
Like a lite candle guiding us love deprived sky-high

Cold out here on this winter day
and cold in here on this bitter heart
sure I see beauty everywhere I look
But I never thought Id ever want anything to do with love again

Ive seen you before and sure I thought you were sweet
But I was always too far into the night to feel the heat

And if I could give it a second try
I’d make sure you felt the way you make me feel inside

Oh I hope Im not too late
L.O.V To abbreviate
and I know my talk is cheap
but I only want to serve it on a silver plate


1 review for Stars Align

  1. Susan Anderson

    I love the sound. The music has a nice relaxed easy feeling. I love the lyrics, you maybe could get by with fewer words to squeeze in. Four out of five stars from me!

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