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Plastic Doll Official Release

A new side to country music is here with Plastic Doll By Jud Hailey

Press Release

Singer/Song Writer Jud Hailey releases his second country song.  Staged to stream world wide March 1 2019; this vibe-y song is setting the stage for a much larger project titled Discovery.

Part of a 12 song release; every song will lead into the next song with a story line much like a movie.

Plastic Doll is actually the Third song on the album following a 7 min introduction to the album and Whiskey & Me a sober take on loneness and addiction. 

Plastic Doll highlights the conundrum between the “in control” and “willingness to do anything” for a taste of popularity. 

  • Song Title: Plastic Doll
  • Release Date: Mar 1 2019
  • Written by Jud Hailey
  • Producer: Jud Hailey
  • Singer: Jud Hailey
  • Mix Engineer: Brian Powers
  • Lead Guitar: Jeff King
  • Banjo: Jeff King
  • Bass Jeff King
  • Piano/Synth: Jud Hailey
  • Drums: Jud Hailey
  • Master: Matt McClure 
  • Artwork: Jud Hailey
  • Digital Stores Released To: All Major streaming networks.
  • Physical Stores:,

In this world it’s too easy to hide behind the pressures to be what the “world” says you need to be.  All too often whispers of what I should be doing are shouted over the rooftops.  This song is  statement against that.  

“I am more than pleased with the turn out of Plastic Doll.  I recall the day I wrote it it took me less then 5 mins to write 90% of the song.  Thats the thing with songs like these; they typically come together faster than others. 

 I don’t want to pass on a song or image because it doesn’t “fit.”  Screw that!  I have so much to say and so much I want to experience that may not “Fit” within my “given” Image.  I want to care less about “likes” and comments and grow to appreciate the meaning of connection.

3 thoughts on “Plastic Doll Official Release

  1. Jud – love the song and everything you wrote here on the site. Congrats. Not sure I could pull off the shirt.

    1. Hey Joni! & everyone else thats reading this! First 20 to order get an additional 20% off Just use “get20” at checkout…

  2. Jud – love the song and your write up on the site. Congrats. Not sure I can pull off the shirt.

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