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“Come On Over”, which illudes to the world post-pandemic and post-quarantine, covers this concept in a beautiful way that will last long beyond this year and its troubles.

Kara Greskovic  Music producer, Audio engineer


This is highly expressive and burns with tremendous verve from the outset, but the heart of the performance is as mentioned earlier  Jud’s singing.

Matt Herman,


Standout songs include “Come On Over” and the title track itself for an enjoyable experience fans of country and pop will enjoy listening to and playing loud on their stereos.

– Evangeline W., Freelance Music Reviewer


Jud’s vocal color is clean and emotive, seamlessly synchronising with the smooth instrumental accompaniment.



Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Husband, Father, Foodie, and so much more!

All Good Things

2020 All Good Things is the album of the year! Recorded during the pandemic using creative high tech solutions. Today is January 9th and 9 days ago I released a full length album. I titled it All Good Things. 13 songs of Americana music. I’m choosing to write a little...

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The Movies I Watched

2021! It’s twenty21! This is my annual blog post. I really should do this more often... comment if you think I should! That’s fun to say and to think about. I’m a huge sci-fi nerd and I kinda like knowing that I live in the future. At least by the standards of every...

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