Kara Greskovic  Music producer, Audio engineer
Kara Greskovic  Music producer, Audio engineer@username
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“Come On Over”, which illudes to the world post-pandemic and post-quarantine, covers this concept in a beautiful way that will last long beyond this year and its troubles.
- Evangeline W., Freelance Music Reviewer
- Evangeline W., Freelance Music Reviewer
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Standout songs include "Come On Over" and the title track itself for an enjoyable experience fans of country and pop will enjoy listening to and playing loud on their stereos.
-Matt Herman
-Matt Herman@username
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This is highly expressive and burns with tremendous verve from the outset, but the heart of the performance is as mentioned earlier  Jud’s singing.

Jud Hailey’s latest album, ‘All Good Things,’ is a testament to his multifaceted talent and extensive experience in the music industry. This album, which includes thirteen masterfully composed tracks, encapsulates Jud’s wide-ranging musical influences—from soul and rock to blues and pop—and his ability to infuse a unique sound into each song. With tracks like ‘One of Them Songs,’ ‘So I Take It Slowly,’ and ‘Drive Me Wild,’ Jud showcases his distinctive songwriting abilities, setting himself apart as a dynamic and imaginative artist. The album’s title track, ‘All Good Things,’ is a three-minute-and-twenty-second masterpiece that effortlessly melds a stylistic electric guitar riff with Jud’s clear, emotive vocals. Don’t miss Jud Hailey’s ‘All Good Things,’ now available for pre-order on all major streaming platforms. Get ready to find your new favorite song and join Jud’s thriving community of loyal fans.

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 your premier destination for all things related to this dynamic and trailblazing artist. Jud has captivated fans and music enthusiasts alike with his unique blend of soul, rock, blues, and pop, consistently delivering captivating performances and unparalleled sound. His latest album, ‘All Good Things’, showcases his boundless creativity and talent, making waves in the music industry. Whether you’re looking for the latest songs, upcoming performances, exclusive merchandise, or wish to discover the journey that led to the creation of his unique sound, you’ve come to the right place. As a passionate artist, Jud Hailey continually connects with his fans by sharing his love for music. So dive in, explore, and join in the celebration of ‘All Good Things’. Remember to follow Jud on social media for exclusive content and updates!

Slow Burn
Gods Country
Before He Cheats Live
Keep Me In Mind
Another Round
Better On Paper
I Can't
Jackson Hole
Little Longer
Midnight Rider - Allman Brothers - Covered By: Jud Hailey
Old Man-Neil Young - Covered By Jud Hailey
Simple Man By Lynyrd Skynyrd Covered by Jud Hailey
Simple Man Acoustic
Stars Align
Waiting on The World to Change
Whiskey & Me
Whiskey & Me

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