I have a hard time expressing my gratitude to you every week!  However, this last week was amazing especially with all your support.

I performed an astonishing 26 hours of music last week!  Not one of those hours was unattended by amazing music lovers like yourself.

Labor day and the state fair did not hurt attendance this year.  Which is extremely abnormal.  I normally keep notes on my calendar for the the next year.

Usually, to determine the attendance of a week from the past year.  It normally helps with communication with the venues.

This year was out of control!  Again, I can’t express how awesome it is to have supporters like you!

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So, as I catch my marbles from the school start; I am creating a weekly calendar of content releases.

Normally, I don’t like to share plans due to over promising but, I wanted to give you as much opportunity to catch new content as possible. 

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New Weekly Content Releases

  • Tuesdays: Youtube Video Release (https://www.youtube.com/user/JNHBandDid you see Nathan left is guitar outside all night long???  LOL
  • Wednesdays: Newsletter
  • Thursdays: 
  • Friday: Freebie Fridays (Might Be Swag, Might Be Music)(Instagram & Newsletter)
  • Saturday: Show Up Saturday (Attend a show and get something awesome from me.     Signed poster, koozie, album…)1st come 1st serve

But what about Twitter?  Geez guys,  I will get to Twitter someday.  I’d love to hear if I am missing something.  Reply to this email.  I read every email but, I don’t always reply.

Before I let you go I wanted to note something really cool.  This year I have released over 9 new songs! 

Last month I released 5 new songs and gave them away for free.  One of my Music Lover friends said I should be selling all of them for $50.  Ha!  Thanks for the support Tom!

With lots of love!

Looking to see you at the next show! 


P.S.  Memberships are opening in less than 3 weeks.  I am only releasing 12 spots.  The membership costs and products will be released in my next email.  Thanks for hanging in there!

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