Hey Friends! 

What  busy year it has been for us!  Last week was officially the end of the summer tour season for me.  Which means I will be home a little more and focused on digital stuff. 

I know you haven’t heard from me much in the last week so I wanted to catch you up. 

First, I celebrated my birthday on the 9th by going to the Chris Stapleton concert with my wife and some friends.

How was the concert:  absolutely amazing!  I am sure a few of you went so I would love to hear your opinion on that.

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Second, I am the host of a new series called Brews and Eats with Badass Peeps.  Last week my newest episode with George Scot McKelvey hit a new record of over 9,000 views.

It feels incredible to have that kind of response.  But its missing one thing…


The Youtube community is fantastic but its missing you.  I would love to see your comments, subscriptions and likes over on there.

If you are not familiar with Youtube it is an excellent place to see videos of musicians and creators like me.

If you are already on youtube please check out my channel.  If you love what I am doing than subscribe.

CLICK HERE TO VISIT M YOUTUBE CHANNEL:  https://www.youtube.com/user/JNHBand

I love you guys and thanks for being a part of this adventure!


P.S.  I was thinking I should do something super special for you guys if I can reach my goal of 100 subscribers by the end of the week…  What should that be?



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