Written by Jud Hailey

January 27, 2021

2021 New Music doesn’t stop with a complete album!!!  Now the coming Feb 5th a New song titled Acid Rain is set to be released on all streaming networks!

‘Acid Rain’ is an emotional journey that unfolds sonically. The story of love and loss repeats while the musical soundscape evolves, beginning with a lush melody and subtle minimal percussion and thunderous kicks Jud Hailey details a draining breakup. Beautiful strings and ambient whistling join in to expand the instrumental and add another layer of emotion that is touching and musically juxtaposed to the lyrical melancholy. ‘Acid Rain’ erupts after the second verse, a crescendo into a climactic finale, all feelings and emotions are released in catharsis that is only eased by the sparse sounds of rainfall that does not erase or resolve but instead accents the pain.” – Myriad Muzik


  • I love how this track incorporates more of that old-timey, Americana feel. Although the instrumentation still embodies that country twang, it also holds true to the rawness of the instruments and give a more “backyard” feel that really makes it a true Americana song. 

“Acid Rain” gives the listener that bitter taste of losing someone and living in a town where every damn thing reminds you of them. Jud starts the song with singing “4am and I’m drunk again/ Heard the rain tapping on the windowpane/ 10am, I’ll sober up and catch that train”, painting the picture that he is a mess over this certain person, and knows that leaving for a new town is the only way to start anew. Jud sings twice in the song “Damn I loved you Lorraine.” This lyric is important because it insinuates that even he’s surprised how much he loves this person. However, he is smart enough to realize that he has to move on and the best way to do that is to physically leave, giving the listener a sense of closure themselves.  ~Kara Greskovic

New Music Release Date: Feb 05,2021
Networks: All Streaming Networks


“Damn I loved you Lorraine.” This lyric is important …even he’s surprised how much he loves this person.

… even with that backyard western feel, its chorus is still catchy yet simple enough to get stuck in the ears of any listener. I love the minor feel, which really gives the song its grit and underlying dark tone. It helps me picture a Western-based music video with a warn-down, old bar and a desert-like setting surrounding the area. With the imagery it portrays and its overall instrumentation, it’s a song that belongs on Spotify’s Emerging Americana Playlist next to songs like David Quinn’s “Born to Lose” and Adam Chaffin’s “Now I Don’t Know”.

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Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021

2021 is already hitting the road at top speeds of awesomeness! Although, it might be the wizard behind the curtain. Iv’e been trying to find ways to unveil the little parts of me to help you understand where I come from in music. However, this list is just a small...

All Good Things

2020 All Good Things is the album of the year! Recorded during the pandemic using creative high tech solutions. Today is January 9th and 9 days ago I released a full length album. I titled it All Good Things. 13 songs of Americana music. I’m choosing to write a little...

The Movies I Watched

2021! It’s twenty21! This is my annual blog post. I really should do this more often... comment if you think I should! That’s fun to say and to think about. I’m a huge sci-fi nerd and I kinda like knowing that I live in the future. At least by the standards of every...

Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021

Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021

Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021

Written by Jud Hailey


2021 is already hitting the road at top speeds of awesomeness! Although, it might be the wizard behind the curtain. Iv’e been trying to find ways to unveil the little parts of me to help you understand where I come from in music. However, this list is just a small part of my listening desires. For those of you that do not know me; I am an Americana music singer/songwriter from the midwest of the U.S. Americana music comes in many forms however the main theme is known as Country music. Enough said! The following is a quick list of my current favorite Americana Music Albums!


Ok this one is easy! While I didn’t list any of these titles in any particular order; I thought of this album first. Just like all of his previous albums, this one has a little of everything for everyone. Chris Stapleton rolled out into the scene and blew me off my feet! The songs Stapelton writes are just pure classic Americana Music! I am continually inspired by Chris’s singing style and poetry. Starting Over is a home run! The songs on this Americana album will be listened to for many generations.

Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021 - JUD HAILEY


This Power Group of amazingly talented women consists of four singer songwriters ( Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby, Maren Morris, and Amanda Shires). Crowded Tables is a track that hits me like a coffee on the side of a mountain on a beautiful morning. Ok! That was a little hard to follow. I love that they sing every word together with a sprinkle of harmony. I you need an introduction to Highwomen you must catch their performance of The Chain. This group is no stranger to country music!

Cuttin’ Grass – Sturgill Simpson – Country Music Hit

I Don’t Mind takes my breath away. Sturgill’s smooth vocals on this track make me want to get out and drive! I love that he isn’t afraid to tie in that good ‘ole solid bluegrass Americana style singing and song. There isn’t much to say about this album that hasn’t already been said! Get in the car and go for a ride and listen to freedom.

Iwas introduced to Sturgill with his amazing protest at the Country Music Awards 2017.

Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021 - JUD HAILEY

Keep ‘Em on They Toes – Brent Cobb – Americana Music

I caught wind of Brent Cobb live at a concert in Minneapolis. He and his band opened for Chris Stapelton on the Travelers tour. While Diggin’ Holes is an amazing testament to Brents song writing Keep ‘Em on They Toes brings you right into Brents heart. There is now doubt this song came from a place of overthinking and genuine creative drive.

Listen on Spotify:

Imaginary Appalachia – Colter Wall – Americana Music/Folk Music

I caught wind of Colter Wall on a trip out west in Tahoe. My wive and I put on a playlist and went for a drive around the lake. When Sleeping On The Blacktop hit we both stopped to listen. What an incredible song. Its hard to believe he is so young with such and amazing rich voice! Watch on Youtube

Very Best Americana Albums You Need to Listen To 2021

Room 41 – Paul Cauthen

A late night drive home from a show when I stumble across this gem! The song that has me tapping my feet and sing the chorus is Cocaine Country Dancing. Take a listen for yourself! I guarantee you will listen to it more than once!😆
Dangerous: The Double Album – Morgan Wallen
What a great piece of art! Morgan Wallen and his writers have built an amazing collection of songs. I can’t count how many times I have listened to this album! I know his actions off stage can out shadow his music but trust me when I say its worth a second chance!
Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021
Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021
A Rock – Hardy
Hardy wrote and sang a tune called Gods Country. Black Shelton sang that song on his 2019 release. I was so stunned by Hardy’s voice and tamper on this Youtube video I became a fan for life. Anyone that is a fan of Morgan Wallen or a hand full of artists should be a fan of Hardy’s. After he is the writer for a few of those artists!
All Good Things – Jud Hailey
Did ya see that coming?? I mean it is a big year! 2021 will be a fruitful year! This album was released on Jan 1 to the world and already has 1000’s of streams across all streaming platforms.

13 American Songs with a tremendous amount of variety! Actually, so much so that I questioned if some songs fit with the bunch.

Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021
Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021


To me Tyler embodies Americana Music!  The sound he produces on this album is raw yet honest.  One of my favorites is Whitehouse Road.  A solid sound!

Notes From The Author

Whats in a review anyway?  Music is so subjective!  Give anyone a platform and a little push; they’ll for sure have opinions to share.  The titles I named are just albums that inspire me to make music, art, and stuff.  The songs bring me a subset of emotions that enable my brain to think.  Americana music isn’t for everyone but before you write the genre off as something not for you; I have a challenge for you.  Find a playlist on your favorite streaming platform with popular Americana listens and allow it to happen.  Come back here and leave a comment of what you found!

I appreciate your readership!  Soon I’ll be able to afford an editor and fix all the errors!  Until then we will all just have to deal with the mistakes.😆😘

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2021 New Music doesn't stop with a complete album!!!  Now the coming Feb 5th a New song titled Acid Rain is set to be released on all streaming networks! "'Acid Rain' is an emotional journey that unfolds sonically. The story of love and loss repeats while the musical...

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All Good Things

2020 All Good Things is the album of the year! Recorded during the pandemic using creative high tech solutions. Today is January 9th and 9 days ago I released a full length album. I titled it All Good Things. 13 songs of Americana music. I’m choosing to write a little...

read more
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All Good Things

2020 All Good Things is the album of the year! Recorded during the pandemic using creative high tech solutions.

Today is January 9th and 9 days ago I released a full length album. I titled it All Good Things. 13 songs of Americana music. I’m choosing to write a little story about each track on the album to creat a deeper understanding. As some have said, my writing style can be vague. Yet trust me when I say it all has a storyline.

When I set out to write song I generally try to explain an image, moment, or scene in my head. Sometimes fictional and a lot of times nonfictional. However, not every storyline is immediately related to me and my life. Take for instance Plastic Doll a song I released mar 1 2019. This song represents a person that would do so much for fame that they would sell their soul to the devil (the machine) to get it. This story is one that I can relate to because of a close personal friend that sold her morals to become a model.

All Good Things was not written much differently. Yet, because of quarantine I was forced to create characters and storylines from nothing. Not unlike a writer for a movie.

One Of Those Songs

I chose to open the album with this acoustic Americana song because it was the softest of the bunch. I wanted to ease the listener into the album. Start slow…

In the music world (rather all pop art industries) there is no such thing as critic free. In fact, many artists will submit their music for critic review. This can be a challenge because music is extremely subjective. Even the best songs in the world have been unfairly criticized.

This song is a response to the critics that forget to listen to music for what it is instead of trying to fit it into a tiny box of specification.

“If you wanna dance just get up and dance like nobody is watching and nobody cares.”

Another Round

A love struck couple drinking their heartbreak away. I originally wrote this song in 2017 with my friend Haley Dawn. It came pretty quick to us and we recorded the scratch tracks shortly after that.

I released that track on an CD called Jackson Hole Raw. A series of studio recorded songs that where far from finished. The track stood out with fans and was definitely on the list of songs to finish for All Good Things.

Another Round really did take a tremendous amount of mental power from me. I’m typically the type of person that won’t revisit creative works. I definitely chase shiny lights and that shows in many unfinished songs or videos.

The next best thing is the newest. Yet, Another Round was beckoning me. I called my friend Jeff King and started the song. I’m glad I did because it started this monster in to record more consistently.


Monsters and demons! I wish I had the big budget some artists have to create a video for this song. I imagine a wizard of oz style storyline.

Lost is a journey through emotional separation of reality and exploring the feeling of being completely lost in discomfort of it. For many experiencing this disconnect it can be completely debilitating.

Better on Paper

From inside the head of Mrs Havishame. This storyline is one of my favorites. The twist to the song is in the perspective. Vague? I think not! This song is the internal monologue of any selfish human you have known.

Stars Align

It’s hard to think about this song any other way. But I love the cassette style audio in the beginning and the crashing waves at the end.

What ever ties you up in your attempt to love someone; may the stars align with you.

Loving Without You

An ocean side tavern that was once a favorite place to be with a lost/died loved one.

I worked hard to paint a picture in your mind on this one. I’m interested in knowing what you see or think of on this one! Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Until the next blog I think I’ll stop right here! I am super interested in having a discussion with you. Leave a comment below! I’ll reply! Cheers!

The Movies I Watched

2021! It’s twenty21!

This is my annual blog post. I really should do this more often… comment if you think I should!

That’s fun to say and to think about. I’m a huge sci-fi nerd and I kinda like knowing that I live in the future. At least by the standards of every ‘80s sci-fi movie I watched as a kid.

As a kid I wore out the VHS movies I loved! I remember my choices were limited but at the same time we had a huge collection of movies. Still, I gravitated towards maybe a handful of movies. As a Netflix adult today I would be sorely disappointed by our collection.

I’m not sure about but we had 100s of titles to choose from. Every time there was a holiday or somebody’s birthday it was a reason to gift a movie or two. I’m pretty sure we had more titles then Netflix did in their infancy.

From my Hotel gym. I can tell I’m gonna get an exciting pump from this gym with all the options. (Insert sarcasm)

Now in 2021, I have a hard time finding something to commit my watching time too. It’s precious time after all! With all the options I find myself in a never ending cycle of NOPE! Ha!

Can you relate? It’s seems like things are so much better today but at the same time way more complicated! it’s really the same with music too. I wonder if the superstars of yesterday are the last of a dying breed. They ushered in the age of the stolen MP3 and digital format. Today it’s all about quantity over quality. The average listener doesn’t so much care about the artist just the song.

In a way, the way it should be. I wonder if movie producers and writers are feeling the same.

Top Watched Movie’s (as a kid)

#3 Star Wars

Cause it’s pretty awesome! But as a kid I wouldn’t watch the whole movie. I only had enough attention to make it through the Vader Fight scene. That and my mom forgot to press record right away when she recorded it from a TV airing. So I got all the amazing 80s commercials and all! 😂 It would be many years later before I would see the whole movie on DVD.

#2 Rad

My best friend and I used to watch this movie to get all pumped up about riding! His big brother was an avid BMXer and he tried to follow in brother’s footsteps. We used to do some pretty crazy stuff. Broke my arm(the first time) trying to show off to my little sister and her friends after watching this movie! Highly recommend this movie! 😂😂

#1 Back To The Future

Ok!!! I still watch these movies at least once a year! I have tried to get my kids into them with no success. As they are a little slow compared to today’s movies.

But the whole point of my post is to connect the point that the movies from the 80s that represent the future couldn’t have been more wrong and more correct at the same time.

To Wrap it up

I’m ready for 2021 and all the possibilities. Unless those possibilities are another series of lockdowns. Then of course I’m not ready. And that’s that.

2020 Vision – February Dates

2020 Vision – February Dates

Strong From The Start

Lets keep this year going strong!  2019 was amazing to perform live music and I had an amazing time meeting new people and getting to existing friends better.

Now with the new year in full swing i want to get back to website updates.  I hope you enjoy them!  Also, if you do leave a comment below its super helpful! 

Yet, even if you didn’t enjoy it…still comment.   Like if you are annoyed that I am not a great writer… comment… its still helpful!

Jud Hailey and Nathan Ward performing the most amazing acoustic music! - Live Music in Minnesota

January Wrap-Up

In January I started to give away gift cards in exchange for phone numbers.  Two great things happen…

-everyone got entered to win a gift card

-everyone who entered now gets updates when I perform live music

I try not be spammy about it.  I only send out one text message a week UNLESS I have a show cancelation or time change.

Some of you have mentioned that its hard to find out where I perform.  So I thought this would be super easy and you seem to like it. 

If you haven’t signed up yet; please do so asap!

Text: jud  To: 31996

Or  Click Here


Share Live Music in Minnesota!  Its only fair!

Jud Hailey Playing Lakeville's Pan'o'Prog! - Live Music in Minnesota

This Guy Had A Birthday (Nathan)

Happy Birthday Nathan!

February Dates - Share Live Music in Minnesota

  • 6th McHugh’s Public House 5:30pm

  • 7th Barley & Vine 7pm

  • 8th Private Party

  • 12th O’Brien’s Public House 7pm

  • 13th Carbones Happy Hour 5pm

  • 13th Eagle Street Bar and Grill 9:30

  • 14th Bourbon Butch 7pm

  • 15th O’Brien’s Public House

  • 18th The Narrows 7pm

  • 22nd Lakeville Brewing Co 1pm

  • 28th Carmines Bloomington 6:30

  • 29th Bracketts Crossing 5:30


Share Live Music in Minnesota

Book Jud For Your Event

Contact him today!

Mention you found this ad in a post and Ill give you 25% off your booking today!

Whiskey & Me Review

Whiskey & Me Review

I’m super proud of my new single, Whiskey & Me, but releasing deeply emotional ballads is always tough. It’s hard to know if the song is going to connect with people or if it might hit too close to home for some and make them uncomfortable.

So, when I heard that the Canadian-based, Sleeping Bag Studios reviewed my new single I was a little nervous. Those nerves quickly faded away and I became more and more humbled as I read the review.

He has a really cool perspective on my song and I was blown away by the amount of research he did on my background as a musician. You can check out the article here for yourself by clicking the link at the end of this post.
If you haven’t heard my new single yet, you can listen to it here on the website or find it on your favorite music service. Don’t forget to check out the store for new merchandise and song downloads!

“Whiskey & Me can be downright terrifyingly real as Jud pours himself into the endless depths of the bottle throughout the words of his new single, drowning himself in sorrows while serving us up a sweet mix of heartbreaking melody & spot-on musicianship.”
[email protected] – Sleeping Bag Studios

SD Voyager Write Up

SD Voyager Write Up

Hey everyone, guess what? I was just interviewed by the San Diego Voyager. If you haven’t heard of it, the Voyager’s a music and art magazine that highlights local flair and inspiring artists.

This is my first official write up by a dedicated art magazine and I’m super excited to share the article with you here. I had a blast talking with the team at the Voyager and I can’t wait to share more perfect articles like this in the future.

Be Our Geek

Be Our Geek

What do I have in common with the movie “The Matrix”? Well, we’ve both been around for 20 years and we were both recent topics of discussion on the “Be Our Geek” podcast with Miss Shannan and Jatin.

I had a great time spending part of my Sunday with two very warm and accommodating hosts. Miss Shannan and Jatin asked me some great questions about the music industry and how it relates to my music as well as my journey as an independent artist.

Thanks again to the great crew over at Be Our Geek for giving me the opportunity to share and discuss my new music!

Miss Shannan and Jatin explore whether we’re still feeling stuck in “The Matrix” 20 years later. And our Guest GEEK Singer/Songwriter Jud Hailey joins us down the Matrix rabbit hole and shares his stories of the music industry and his new song,”Whiskey & Me.” Get more info on Jud at Find all of Jud Hailey’s music on your favorite streaming service. Plus, follow Jud on Facebook and Instagram.
Plastic Doll The Official Lyric Video

Plastic Doll The Official Lyric Video


The official release of the official lyric video

Released! Plastic Doll the lyric video is now live! I am super excited to release this video. It represents something complete different from my usual. I feel like the visuals embody the song. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making.




The Introduction to the Lyric Video

The Lyric Video

Plastic Doll Official Release

Plastic Doll Official Release

A new side to country music is here with Plastic Doll By Jud Hailey

Press Release

Singer/Song Writer Jud Hailey releases his second country song.  Staged to stream world wide March 1 2019; this vibe-y song is setting the stage for a much larger project titled Discovery.

Part of a 12 song release; every song will lead into the next song with a story line much like a movie.

Plastic Doll is actually the Third song on the album following a 7 min introduction to the album and Whiskey & Me a sober take on loneness and addiction. 

Plastic Doll highlights the conundrum between the “in control” and “willingness to do anything” for a taste of popularity. 

  • Song Title: Plastic Doll
  • Release Date: Mar 1 2019
  • Written by Jud Hailey
  • Producer: Jud Hailey
  • Singer: Jud Hailey
  • Mix Engineer: Brian Powers
  • Lead Guitar: Jeff King
  • Banjo: Jeff King
  • Bass Jeff King
  • Piano/Synth: Jud Hailey
  • Drums: Jud Hailey
  • Master: Matt McClure 
  • Artwork: Jud Hailey
  • Digital Stores Released To: All Major streaming networks.
  • Physical Stores:,

In this world it’s too easy to hide behind the pressures to be what the “world” says you need to be.  All too often whispers of what I should be doing are shouted over the rooftops.  This song is  statement against that.  

“I am more than pleased with the turn out of Plastic Doll.  I recall the day I wrote it it took me less then 5 mins to write 90% of the song.  Thats the thing with songs like these; they typically come together faster than others. 

 I don’t want to pass on a song or image because it doesn’t “fit.”  Screw that!  I have so much to say and so much I want to experience that may not “Fit” within my “given” Image.  I want to care less about “likes” and comments and grow to appreciate the meaning of connection.

New Year, New Studio, New Music

New Year, New Studio, New Music

This is my happy place! I am complete here. Where is your happy place? Comment below

Welcome to 2019!  I am always super excited to for the new year.  Then again I am also the type to consider Mondays exciting too.  LOL

I have this strange conundrum of believing that the new year is a fresh start and in the same instance do not support new years resolutions.  

I always have goals and one goal is to create something every day for a month.  Its Jan 29th as I am writing this and so far I am doing pretty great!

I have created something for YOU everyday. I will send you an email when I am ready for you to have it.  

Most of what I have created is music but, there are other things like cloths, videos, and posts.  I am jazzed to get this stuff your hands.

2018 was a year to remember and probably the busiest summer I have had in all my career.  and in 2019 I am seeking to have just as busy of a year.  

I am really pushing to do some NEW stuff this year.  Play new clubs, Release new Music, Play some music on the radio (by the way did you hear Jackson Hole on the radio!!!) are just a few of the things i’d like to accomplish.

LIVE ON BOBFM (around 30min)

New Studio

The post image is of my new studio.  My wife and I worked our tails off to get into our new home and now I have an amazing space to create!  #happy

Since moving in I have been honing my skills on creating some solid music and also curating relationships with other industry talents.

Again, I am looking forward to sharing that with you.  Until next time!

Love you,

P.S. Look at all the new stuff!!!!!



4th of July 2018

4th of July 2018

Wahoo!  4th of July is such a great time of the year!  There was so much to say and do that I drummed up another video to explain what was going on.

This week I was so excited for the shows that I released the Big Waves Tank .

If your in the neighborhood next week swing out for some good music and a brief feature in an episode! Enjoy!

Amazing NEW Tank

Epic Drone Footage For Fathers Day

Epic Drone Footage For Fathers Day

Summer Time is really my favorite time of the year!  But its not just because of the beautiful weather or tan bodies!  Of the many reasons one is my dads Birthday.

As a kid I have many fond memories around his birthday.  oh the camping trips and the BBQ Ribs!  seriously though they are soooooooooo good.  Nothing compares in fact, I wont even bother trying any others.

This summer has been one hell of a trip already and we aren’t even through half of it.  I have enjoyed seeing you all out.  I put together this quick video for you with an update and Epic Drone Footage.  Enjoy!


Beer & Wine

Beer & Wine

Green Rooms And More

There is always this smell from the past years in the room.  The only way I can describe it is an old basement meets your grandmas house.  Almost like you could smell the bands that were there before you. 

They have always just been called them green rooms.  I’m not really sure why because for the most part they weren’t Green.  In fact, they were covered in the stickers by the bands that had been there before.

All kinds of stickers!  big ones small ones and they all had this retro 80’s cartoon character on them! LOL

I was never interested in stickers then because every band or musician had them.  It seemed to be over done. 

“Dude! we have stickers!  Now were are a real band!” – said every college student…EVER

The fad seemed to fade with out notice. 

In turn, I HAVE STICKERS AND BUTTONS!  I guess I am super excited about this because I have never had them.  Also, seems so RETRO to have them! LOL

What was old and nonsensically to me then is now clearer then blue waters.  When I received my first order i was overwhelmed with excitement! 

Anyways!  I want you to have one!  Come to any show and pick one up! 

These buttons and stickers are so cool! You have got to get yours! I am really enjoying designing news too. So fare this is the 3rd edition of them! collect them all

The People I Meet

Last week I was at Ansari’s, Barley & Vine, and Me & Julio’s.  It was  light week for shows but  as you already know from my last blog Dollar Bill Notes that was planned.

I met some super cool people though!  I love hearing stories of people and what brought them to the venue that night.

It amazes me how many people I meet on any given week that are traveling from out of state.  Here on work or vacation.

If you are coming out to see me specify saw hello!  I’d love to chat with you. 

Anyways, thanks for coming around!  I’ll see you at the next show and have  safe July 4th holiday!

This was a fun group of people down in Hastings! They hung out all night with us!
Nate teaching me how to play the guitar case...
Joni has been a friend of mine through music for a few years now. I enjoy hanging with her between sets. If you see her say hello!
These two are the stars of the week! They came out to every show! They met in Vegas about a year ago. Harold moved for his job to Wisconsin. Lisa flys out to MN from Utah to meet Harold for the weekend. They are awesome people! Good luck guys! hope to see ya soon!
John and Shannon at Barley & Vine. John turns 1/2 century soon and I will be singing the oldest songs I can for his party.
The Dollar Bill Notes

The Dollar Bill Notes

What a week!  Summer solstice was just last week!  Whats awesome about that is its my dads birthday! 

Happy Birthday Young Man!

The week was filled with shows!  in fact, 6 shows in 5 days.  I am rather enjoying this day off with my kids.  We are chilling by the pool. 

However, I love to see you at shows.  I saw and chatted with many of you.  It was clear to me that summer was in full swing this last weekend.  Y’all party a little differently in the summer.  LOL

Looking back at last year I was performing about the same frequency.  As you may recall I performed 6 shows 5 days a week for 22 weeks!!  THATS TOO MUCH lol

My voice payed for it.  Nearing the end of the year I was forced to go to the Ear, Nose, & Throat Doctor to which I was forced to cancel shows and take almost 8 weeks off.

Seems dramatic but the alternative was far worse.  The doc said that if I didn’t change my routine of singing than I will end up getting surgery on my  vocal chords.

So aside from resting 8 weeks; I changed somethings at my show.  First I give my voice a 30 min rest once per show.  Instead of a brief 15 min break.

Secondly, I tuned my guitar down half a step.  This helps me sing in a lower register.  It prevents me from blowing out my vocal chords.

Thirdly, I stagger the weeks that I play so often.  This gives me a few more days of rest I need.

Of course, I always warm up and stretch and stuff….

Anyways!  I try to be pretty consistent with my breaks.  I always take  a 30min break around 1.5 hours into the show.

See ya at the next show!


Loved ya but...Came to listen to you! Not your 40 min tape. Really??? ~Anonymous
Loved ya but...Came to listen to you! Not your 40 min tape. Really??? ~Anonymous
The Big Stuff Wedding Ceremony & A Loss of A Life

The Big Stuff Wedding Ceremony & A Loss of A Life


Planned Week

| Never Goes To Plan

No matter how well planned out my week is it never goes exactly to plan.  Thats usually the case though… Right?

Last weeks shows were in town and some venues that I quite often perform at.  However, from the very start it was wasn’t mundane or expected.

The weather was amazing and the crowds were out.  I performed Wednesday through Sunday and I didn’t sing a single song twice!  Challenging and fun!

Pre-wedding setup. Jud sports is best rain gear...

Ceremonies in The Rain

Nathan and I performed at a wedding ceremony on Saturday evening.  It was set on a beautiful property with horses and chickens and wide open spaces.

Not a single person let the rain get them down.  The owners of the property Jen and Stew were extremely accommodating!  You guys defiantly go in my book of memories!

Brittany and Erik were hosting as the Bride and Groom.  Brittany did a fantastic job putting the pieces together.

Brittanys dad and his friend jumped on stage and sang Shaggy’s Angel (!  They knocked it out of the park!

We all had so much fun that we stayed on stage for an extra 2 hours!  Thanks for having us guys!

Our Personal Heros

On Friday I found out that Anthony Bourdain took his own life. This is one of those celebrity suicides that SHOOK me to the bones.

I felt it for most of the day and week. The thought still lingers with me with feelings like why and how.  People, I am not oblivious to the pain of life but how does someone who seeminelying has it all get to a emotional low with out help.

I don’t want to be to heavy handed here or ignorantly write something insensitive.  But it is without a doubt a foreign concept to me.

On slow weekend mornings and rainy evenings my wife Alli and I consume every bit of this mans work. From his amazing books to his captivating television.
We attended his lectures and allowed him to mold us into inspired culinary tourists. So much so that we dream to explore cultures through food and local markets. I often hear Tony’s voice in my head while examining the menu of a new restaurant.
I am more than sadden by the news that he is no longer with us. I will keep his friends and more importantly his family in good thoughts through this hard time.

I love you guys!  I want to inspire you through music to see how precious life is.  To see how lucky we are to get to experience food, music, love, and laughter.

Try to smile every minute and laugh as much as you can… it just helps

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255

Why Haven’t I Written?

Why Haven’t I Written?

NO!  I am not breaking up with you!  In Fact, I love you very much.  I love when you watch my videos.  I love when you comment on my blogs and I love when I see you out at shows.

I find it strangely humorous that you want to hear Free Bird despite my insistence that it is an over played song.

I love that you are convinced I should try out for The Voice and its that kind of support that keeps me going every week.

But why do you stay in MN Jud?  Why are you not doing bigger things? 

Some great questions!  But really the answers are not really satisfying. 

I am  a committed husband and father of two.  I believe that I am in the right place in my career right now.  I am happy with everything the local music industry has to offer.

Let me pose a question though…

Name the last five winners of the Voice from the top of your head?  Heck Name the last Three!

I bet you struggled to remember (unless you are an avid follower).  You see, I think that the hardest part of being on a contest show like this is the follow up.

Anyways, my kids are super young and I really like being close to home. 

Thanks for hanging with me and I will see you at a  show soon!


P.S.  Get your Twenty18 Shirt today and you will get a special EXTRA gift with every order!

The Official Invite To The Unofficial Event

The Official Invite To The Unofficial Event

Hey Friends! 

What  busy year it has been for us!  Last week was officially the end of the summer tour season for me.  Which means I will be home a little more and focused on digital stuff. 

I know you haven’t heard from me much in the last week so I wanted to catch you up. 

First, I celebrated my birthday on the 9th by going to the Chris Stapleton concert with my wife and some friends.

How was the concert:  absolutely amazing!  I am sure a few of you went so I would love to hear your opinion on that.

Second, I am the host of a new series called Brews and Eats with Badass Peeps.  Last week my newest episode with George Scot McKelvey hit a new record of over 9,000 views.

It feels incredible to have that kind of response.  But its missing one thing…


The Youtube community is fantastic but its missing you.  I would love to see your comments, subscriptions and likes over on there.

If you are not familiar with Youtube it is an excellent place to see videos of musicians and creators like me.

If you are already on youtube please check out my channel.  If you love what I am doing than subscribe.


I love you guys and thanks for being a part of this adventure!


P.S.  I was thinking I should do something super special for you guys if I can reach my goal of 100 subscribers by the end of the week…  What should that be?

EP1.Timothy Howe.Brews & Eats With Badass Peeps

EP1.Timothy Howe.Brews & Eats With Badass Peeps

Join us with your favorite craft brew as we dive into music, Entrepreneurship, and business lessons along the journey. Timothy Howe has tried out for the Voice and American Idol and is currently one of MN’s Premier acts to follow. Performing an astonishing 5-6 nights a week and still alive to tell the story!

The Battle With The Giant

The Battle With The Giant

What a great season it was with Giants Ridge.  I put a close on 2017 with a huge party up there.  Seemed like last year this time when I played there for the first time…

Actually, it was this time last year. Ha  If you joined my there this last weekend thanks for an amazing week!

On another great note!  I picked up another house gig at Luckys 13 in Burnsville! Wahoo Every month the second Thursday @ 5pm

If you haven’t been there you need to find time to make it out to a show!

Likewise, I have a super cool segment I am releasing within my weekly videos call Brews and Eats with Badass Peeps!

I am super excited about this segment.  Keep your eyes peeled on Youtube for the next video!

BTW, now that the summer is coming to an end I am changing out the some of the shirts.  So get yours before they are gone!

Release The Search Team

Release The Search Team

If you joined me at any of my shows last week then you know it was a special week.  The weather was just right and the air had a slight touch of Fall in it.

The sunsets were pink and orange.  Despite work the next morning you joined me.  Breaking into the weekend fast and hard!

At Baldman Brewing it seemed when they opened the doors people just kept coming in for hours!  I love it when the dancing feeling hits you.

For those of you who haven’t seen a show; I will keep a spot open for you on the dance floor.

Skipping to Barley & Vine late Saturday night.  I was in the middle of my 1st set just after the sun went down on the patio when all of a sudden.

SNAP!  My high E string breaks.  If you are not a guitar player you might have a bit of anxiety right now.

Yet trust me when I say this happens all the time (sometimes multiple times a night).  I was relaxed because I was certain I had an extra string.

I turned on the break music and stepped off stage.  I headed over to my strings and grabbed the right one.

Just than I noticed something that threw me into a panic.  In 18 years of performing professionally I have never lost this nor was I about to.

The guitar PIN that holds the string in the guitar had fallen out.  Whats worse is there is no light and there are dark crevices and grated drains everywhere. 

So the search begins.  I turn on the flashlight feature on my phone and begin searching the ground.

5 mins or so I notice someone joining me in my search. One by one more people joined me.  At on point I see there are 15-20 people all over the patio with their flashlights out helping me

find an item that they have most likely never seen.  We eventually found the PIN resting deep inside one of my cases under an axel (Im not sure how it found its way there). 

Again, if you were at Barley & Vine Thank you!  I hope you enjoyed the on the spot song.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Just incase you missed it, the fall shirts were released today!  Make sure you order yours.  These go fast!!

FALL Collection:


Use code MUSICLOVER to get 5% off.  **expires 2017-09-16


OMG!  He Left His Guitar Outside All Night!

OMG! He Left His Guitar Outside All Night!

I have a hard time expressing my gratitude to you every week!  However, this last week was amazing especially with all your support.

I performed an astonishing 26 hours of music last week!  Not one of those hours was unattended by amazing music lovers like yourself.

Labor day and the state fair did not hurt attendance this year.  Which is extremely abnormal.  I normally keep notes on my calendar for the the next year.

Usually, to determine the attendance of a week from the past year.  It normally helps with communication with the venues.

This year was out of control!  Again, I can’t express how awesome it is to have supporters like you!

So, as I catch my marbles from the school start; I am creating a weekly calendar of content releases.

Normally, I don’t like to share plans due to over promising but, I wanted to give you as much opportunity to catch new content as possible. 

My little Kyla starting 1st grade! So proud! #proudpapa

New Weekly Content Releases

  • Tuesdays: Youtube Video Release ( you see Nathan left is guitar outside all night long???  LOL
  • Wednesdays: Newsletter
  • Thursdays: 
  • Friday: Freebie Fridays (Might Be Swag, Might Be Music)(Instagram & Newsletter)
  • Saturday: Show Up Saturday (Attend a show and get something awesome from me.     Signed poster, koozie, album…)1st come 1st serve

But what about Twitter?  Geez guys,  I will get to Twitter someday.  I’d love to hear if I am missing something.  Reply to this email.  I read every email but, I don’t always reply.

Before I let you go I wanted to note something really cool.  This year I have released over 9 new songs! 

Last month I released 5 new songs and gave them away for free.  One of my Music Lover friends said I should be selling all of them for $50.  Ha!  Thanks for the support Tom!

With lots of love!

Looking to see you at the next show! 


P.S.  Memberships are opening in less than 3 weeks.  I am only releasing 12 spots.  The membership costs and products will be released in my next email.  Thanks for hanging in there!

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I didn’t See That Coming

I didn’t See That Coming

Wahoo!  You guys rock!  Last week we sang for over 1000 new people and we gained almost 200 new fans online! 

I have to be honest, nothing feels better than meeting new music lovers like yourself.  I thought I was passionate about music until I meet you guys.

Nathan and I played in Baxter MN at Maddens Resort for a 2 night 4 show wine and food festival.

From the very start it was dancing and singing.  I loved how fast people ate just to get up and dance with us on the first night.

During our time off Nathan I headed to The Gull Dam Brewery for some delicious beer and a packed house full of dog owners.

All Man Aboard

All Man Aboard

It was a soft week!  Meaning I only played 4 shows.  I apologize to those of you that went to B52’s and I wasn’t there (communication error).  I will make it up to you this week for sure!

Last week was really a great week!  I released my rendition of Allman Brothers-Midnight Rider!  To which, I am very proud of.  One Fran(Friend + Fan) thought I should release the TBT early in the week.  Then of Thursday do a live session.

I am curious what you think.  Reply to this email if you think I should release the TBT songs early to you amazing music lovers.

On another note, Season 2 Episode 2 of the Vlog was released last week on youtube.  Its really about exploring different places.  If you haven’t yet check it out here:

I especially love the part when my buddy Timothy Howe is rocking 2 hats and 2 glasses.  Super fun stuff here guys.

The website has changed again!  I am always working on it to make your experience way better!  If you are on a tablet or a phone go visit the site now!

Have a great week!


Also as a follow up from last weeks newsletter I am revealing 2 items for the VIP membership program.  Remember that you get all this amazing stuff when you sign up!

1   Music Lovers Signature T-Shirt

2   Forever Hot/Cold Signature Water Bottle

3   Volume 1 CD – Acoustic Special Release (Never released)

4   Jud Hailey Live (Featuring Nathan Ward) CD – Gold Edition (Special Release)





What Happens in Okoboji Stays In Okoboji

What Happens in Okoboji Stays In Okoboji

I started a new weekly release called TBT (throw back Thursdays) where I release a song from the Throw Back.  Last week was my first TBT and it was pretty fun! 

I decided to perform the TBT from the stage in Okaboji, IA.  Although, the sound in the video was rough the recording turned out pretty awesome!

It was pretty fun to pick a song and research it.  I chose Plush by Stone Temple Pilots.  This is a classic 90’s tune with an awesome nostalgic feel to it.

I prerecorded the song then sang it live on Facebook.  I would love to sing it live on all networks but I am not sure the easiest way to do that just yet.

The part that fascinated me was researching what influenced the lyrics.  Just in case you didn’t see my post on it:

TBT Acoustic Cover of Stone Temple Pilots. I am really diggin this tune lately. I like to play a live stream on Facebook with these old tunes and give away the pre-recording of it. Also give a little history of the song. According to “The lyrics were inspired, in part, by an unfortunate news story in Stone Temple Pilots’ hometown of San Diego, California about a missing young woman who was later discovered dead by local law enforcement (“And I feel, when the dogs begin to smell her…”).”

Download Now

I think this pretty much sums up how most musicians write music.  Usually, inspired by a story or an emotion that than is translated to the guitar/instrument. 

From there a story is built into a song.  I loved singing this song and performing it even more.  This song is a free DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE

In other news, I had the opportunity to carry a showcase with the amazing Timothy Howe!  Tim is an amazing performer!  Follow him on Facebook just search timothyhowemusic.

After two shows and a few visits to NEW breweries we headed home to finish the week.  I topped the week off on a rainy patio in Hudson at The Smiling Moose.

Until Next week!


One Last Thing: We are a little under 4 weeks away from the Music Lovers Membership launch.  As a reminder I am only releasing 12 spots.  The membership package is absolutely amazing!   So I am going to slow release the Items.


1   Music Lovers Signature T-Shirt

2   Forever Hot/Cold Signature Water Bottle







The X-Rated Palates Show

The X-Rated Palates Show

I started this whole crazy journey in a coffee shop just outside of my home town.  I played for a bag of coffee (which i’d hadn’t discovered its wonderfulness yet) and a few claps!

Looking back, I freakin’ loved it!  I played as many places as I could all along working a day job at a bank!  Seems pretty typical though.  Ask just about any banker and 6 out of 10 will tell you they are in a band.

It took some time, luck, and the support of an amazing women to discover I might be able to do this with out a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). 

You see I made just about every mistake I could make as an independent musician.  Actually, I still make plenty of mistakes.  Yet I am still finding reasons to love what I am doing!

I love meet all of you and learning your story too!  Recently, I started a campaign to grow our music lovers community. 

So, I started the #humpdaygiveaway on Facebook.  Well…WOW!  I am amazed by all of your participation on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram! 

And so, Thanks!  From the bottom of my heart! 

Its Sunday morning and I am sitting with my 6 year old daughter watching cartoons and reflecting on my previous week of shows. 

While I am exhausted and happy to have a low maintenance mourning I am grateful.  Friday nights show at Barley & Vine in Lakeville was so much fun! the crowd was absolutely ready for the show.

Request after request and we even got a rather crated palates show from a customer (no kids were present).  However, it was hard not to sing a song on the spot about it.

Saturday we played a small festival in Crosby, MN called the Red Dirt Festival it was hosted by Surly and the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails.

Nathan and I got an opportunity to eat at this place called The Red Raven in Crosby, MN.  OMG!  I had the most amazing Cuban sandwich!  I recommend you get there ASAP.  5 stars!

Well that was my week.  I hope yours was amazing too.  Tomorrow I am doing a new Facebook live session called #TBT Top 20’s.  I will be singing a song called Plush by Stone Temple Pilots.

Join me for that session!  Everyone will be getting an amazing prize!  (Im like Oprah…and you get a prize, and you get a prize)

Have a great rest of your week!


P.S.  We are a little under 5 weeks away from the Music Lovers Membership launch.  As a reminder I am only releasing 12 spots.  The membership package is absolutely amazing!   So I am going to slow release the Items.

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  • 8   XXXXXX

If you are super interested in becoming a member please click here to show your interest. 

The Best Way To Get Free Stuff

The Best Way To Get Free Stuff

It was another travel week for me and I have to say what a whirlwind!  The week started slow then picked up to light speed!


Every month Nathan and I travel to Baxter, MN where we perform at Maddens.  I have created a few videos on maddens click here.

This year though, we picked up a second Saturday show at Cuyuna Brewing in Emily, MN.  This is a super fun gig with fantastic beer!

That pretty much kept us super busy!  Yet, I did get a chance to record to stuff that we did.  Stay tune to my Youtube channel for new videos on that.


Also!  I began a new social network trend for you guys.  #humpdaygiveaway that I will be running every week! make sure you visit my Facebook page to find the winners each week.


I am picking from my list of email subscribers and announcing the winners on Facebook.  Good luck!









P.S The new signature series of items was leaked last week!  did you get a chance to see them?   Click here:

By Sunday I Knew Their Drink Choice

By Sunday I Knew Their Drink Choice

Just about 240 miles away from my home is an amazing resort called Giants Ridge.  Late in the Fall of 2016 Giants Ridge opened a new restaurant called The Burnt Onion.


I have performed there a few times this year and last week was my last performance for the summer season.  During my stay up there I have managed to connect my shows with another venue.


The Lodge is an amazing hotel on Giants Ridge property.   They hosted my show Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  I made a fun little video from last Fall.  Click here to see it  


By Sunday we all knew each other pretty well.  In fact, I could call out everyone by there middle name and drink preference. LOL


This resort is pretty great for the outdoors person, with tons of hiking, golfing, biking, and in the winter its a ski resort.  I recommend you check this place out if you are the adventuring type!


Over the course of the last few emails I have hinted at the release of a high value membership that will include deep discounts (over 60% off), FREE music, Early access to videos and releases.


It just doesn’t seem like enough so I am building a SUPER package for these members too!  I want to offer something above and beyond the typical fan club.


I mentioned that I will only release 10 memberships this September.  I’ve decided that the first 5 members will be given a lifetime membership!


That means for the cost of 1 year they will have access to all the same benefits as all the other members for life!


In my next email I will highlight membership perks and even include something FREE for you!


BTW!  Were you aware you could see my upcoming events here?

Have a great week!





P.S.  Share your love for music with your friends!  Send this email to them!  or invite them to our Facebook community

I Was Double Booked

I Was Double Booked

We had our first chilly day of summer last week.  62 degrees!  While thats not even close to coat/jacket weather for us Minnesotans; it certainly is a reminder that nothing lasts forever (like beautiful days)!

It was another full week of awesome shows!  I got the chance to play at two new venues; Baldman Brewing Company and Me & Julio’s.  I brought my pal and fantastic musician Nathan with to both of these shows!

Although he is not much of a beer drinker so he missed out on Baldman’s Beer; which I recommend the Tupelo Honey.
Also, something happened that was very interesting last week.  Its a sign of the ever changing industry and how ready one must be to flow with the ebb.  I would say normally I am just that kind of character.


However, at a midweek early show I was bombarded with what I can only describe as a head scratching, irritating, and very poorly thought out situation.  That, ultimately forced listeners and venue goers to leave.


I am going to be honest with you; I have a temper.  However, I normally can control it.  So when  moments like this happen I can take a minute to “try” to understand why.  So… while I was performing I suddenly hear through the speakers all around the club:


“Good afternoon, Ladies and gentlemen!  We will begin BINGO in a few minutes.  We will be coming around to your tables shortly to offer you BINGO cards.  Its only 1$ to play.  If you haven’t received a card swing by the BINGO booth inside.”




I was stunned!  This is clearly a mistake that should be sorted out quickly.  I set my guitar down and walked calming inside to find the manager.  After a brief discussion with her, I found out it was NO MISTAKE!


In order to “accommodate” all types of guests this venue has decided to double book entertainment!  I have never seen such disregard for venders / musicians ever!


Well, I could go on and on about this subject!  In fact, I just erased 6 additional paragraphs of ranting about this subject.  The truths is, I felt cornered into making business decisions that I was not really prepared to make.


  1. Continued to play the show (I had 2hrs left)
  2. Pack it up and risk the loss of a paycheck.  Not to mention, the future shows on the calendar.


Well, I finished the show and even had the opportunity to mingle with the listeners afterwards.  I headed home with my head held high and my smile still on my face.


Because after all shit-pie’s happen all the time; that is always the case.  It’s how you choose to consume that pie that counts. Right?  (couldn’t think of a better way to say that – reply to this email with any better ideas)


Anyways,  Make sure you catch one of this weeks upcoming shows (click here to see events).  Also, the summer gear is running on short quantities.


Get the hats at 25% off with this code (25offhats).  This offer was supposed to end Today!  I extended it to Friday. Click Here


Alright! Have a great day!







Oh!  I almost forgot to talk to you about the Membership launch!  On September 1st you will have your opportunity to become a member.

I am only releasing 10 spots in September because of the high value packages included.  For more information check here.

I Totally Lost My Voice!

I Totally Lost My Voice!

Such a super busy and HOT summer!  I hope you have had the chance to to enjoy a show near you!  If not there is plenty of opportunity for you!  This year marks the busiest summer I have had yet!

I am enjoying it!  Yet if you catch a Sunday afternoon show you will defiantly hear the week wearing on my vocal cords. ( a first this year was losing my voice!) Click here for more show dates

I recently went to San Francisco to perform at a wedding.  While I was there I had the opportunity to do a lot of really cool stuff!  I got it on film and put together a little video.

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a peek at it and let me know what you think.

It was an amazing trip!  But the minute I landed in SF I felt a fever coming on.  By 9pm I had a full blown fever.  I tried to sleep it off (quite frankly I thought I was a bit slow from the beer I had the night before).  Although, by morning I had a full blown Swollen throat.

I waited 24hrs before it was confirmed Strep from the Oakland urgent care.  After explaining that I was here to perform for a wedding in 10hrs they pumped me full of antibiotics and steroids!

I was feeling amazing by 5:00pm that day!  Thank goodness for that.  The wedding was amazing and I was able to sing all night without issue.

This summer I released the new store on!  The reaction to the store as been amazing!  When I started adding products I was quick to add anything.

I promised I would add something new each week.  Yet as (unfortunately) summer starts to turn to Fall I have slowed down on adding stuff.

The reason is I have been hand picking stuff for a NEW Line called the Signature Series.  I pumped for this series and I know you will love it too!

Anyways!  Here is a quick preview of one of the new Signature Series items.

Do you see that!  Thats right VIP holders you are in luck!  This is the first series that you can get at cost! Plus you will have early access to the limited products!  Thanks for being a member!

If you aren’t a member yet don’t worry.  The next enrollment will be SEPT 1st.  You will have to wait until then.

In my next email I will include a link to reserve your spot.  Until then!


By the way!  Have you ordered your FREE copy of Jackson Hole Raw yet?  It’s 100% Free!  I am just asking for shipping cost’s.  Click Here for more info


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