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    Turn on the television on any day of the week and you will soon come across amateur and professional chefs around the world milling, stirring and seasoning on ratings winners like America’s Test Kitchen, The fantastic British Bake Away and MasterChef: Australia.

    Interest in cookery has jumped and so, as a result, have earnings of kitchenware. Silicone goods, in particular, have witnessed a massive rise. Watch any chef on TV and it won’t be long until you spot him or her producing an excellent dish with the help of silicone baking pans, mats and sheets, spatulas and molds.

    With popular TV shows promoting silicone kitchenware, it’s no surprise that home cooks are currently purchasing these products in ever-increasing amounts. The world-famous John Lewis department store in London, for instance, announced in the end of 2012 that its earnings of silicone bake-ware increased by 126 per cent year on year.

    Silicone itself is a man-made, synthetic material made by bonding silicon with oxygen. However, what is it about this product that’s quickly making it a must-have at the kitchen?

    1. Silicone is a non-toxic substance, meaning that food will not get baked on. Silicone baking mats can be used together with baking sheets and cookie sheets, or inside baking pans, making your non-silicone bake-ware completely non.

    2. Silicone can handle cold and heat. A silicone baking mat is also ideal as a counter-top sheet for kneading bread or rolling dough.

    3. Silicone conducts heat very gradually, so utensils remain cool even in a hot saucepan and kitchen tops and surfaces will not suffer burn marks. When silicone mats are created to include fibreglass net they supply an even heat transport, the fibreglass saline and mesh operate together to boost even baking and browning.


    Silicone baking sheet does not degrade over time and won’t rust or stain. If produced from high excellent silicone your bake-ware can be used thousands of times.

    5. Silicone is very flexible so it can be folded or squeezed into tight storage spaces. Additionally, this makes the removal of cakes and desserts out of silicone bake-ware very simple.

    6. Silicone is a soft material and its utensils won’t scratch or hurt non-stick pans.

    7. A silicone baking mat may be used more than 2000 times so there’s absolutely no need to buy parchment paper and other disposable linings/sheets. The environment will thank you!

    Now that we have established the several reasons why silicone is indeed popular let’s look at the security problem – saline is man made after all and for food preparation purposes it will be utilized for making something that you will place in your mouth!