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We had our first chilly day of summer last week.  62 degrees!  While thats not even close to coat/jacket weather for us Minnesotans; it certainly is a reminder that nothing lasts forever (like beautiful days)!

It was another full week of awesome shows!  I got the chance to play at two new venues; Baldman Brewing Company and Me & Julio’s.  I brought my pal and fantastic musician Nathan with to both of these shows!

Although he is not much of a beer drinker so he missed out on Baldman’s Beer; which I recommend the Tupelo Honey.
Also, something happened that was very interesting last week.  Its a sign of the ever changing industry and how ready one must be to flow with the ebb.  I would say normally I am just that kind of character.


However, at a midweek early show I was bombarded with what I can only describe as a head scratching, irritating, and very poorly thought out situation.  That, ultimately forced listeners and venue goers to leave.


I am going to be honest with you; I have a temper.  However, I normally can control it.  So when  moments like this happen I can take a minute to “try” to understand why.  So… while I was performing I suddenly hear through the speakers all around the club:


“Good afternoon, Ladies and gentlemen!  We will begin BINGO in a few minutes.  We will be coming around to your tables shortly to offer you BINGO cards.  Its only 1$ to play.  If you haven’t received a card swing by the BINGO booth inside.”




I was stunned!  This is clearly a mistake that should be sorted out quickly.  I set my guitar down and walked calming inside to find the manager.  After a brief discussion with her, I found out it was NO MISTAKE!


In order to “accommodate” all types of guests this venue has decided to double book entertainment!  I have never seen such disregard for venders / musicians ever!


Well, I could go on and on about this subject!  In fact, I just erased 6 additional paragraphs of ranting about this subject.  The truths is, I felt cornered into making business decisions that I was not really prepared to make.


  1. Continued to play the show (I had 2hrs left)
  2. Pack it up and risk the loss of a paycheck.  Not to mention, the future shows on the calendar.


Well, I finished the show and even had the opportunity to mingle with the listeners afterwards.  I headed home with my head held high and my smile still on my face.


Because after all shit-pie’s happen all the time; that is always the case.  It’s how you choose to consume that pie that counts. Right?  (couldn’t think of a better way to say that – reply to this email with any better ideas)


Anyways,  Make sure you catch one of this weeks upcoming shows (click here to see events).  Also, the summer gear is running on short quantities.


Get the hats at 25% off with this code (25offhats).  This offer was supposed to end Today!  I extended it to Friday. Click Here


Alright! Have a great day!








Oh!  I almost forgot to talk to you about the Membership launch!  On September 1st you will have your opportunity to become a member.

I am only releasing 10 spots in September because of the high value packages included.  For more information check here.

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