SD Voyager Write Up

SD Voyager Write Up

Hey everyone, guess what? I was just interviewed by the San Diego Voyager. If you haven’t heard of it, the Voyager’s a music and art magazine that highlights local flair and inspiring artists.

This is my first official write up by a dedicated art magazine and I’m super excited to share the article with you here. I had a blast talking with the team at the Voyager and I can’t wait to share more perfect articles like this in the future.

Be Our Geek

Be Our Geek

What do I have in common with the movie “The Matrix”? Well, we’ve both been around for 20 years and we were both recent topics of discussion on the “Be Our Geek” podcast with Miss Shannan and Jatin.

I had a great time spending part of my Sunday with two very warm and accommodating hosts. Miss Shannan and Jatin asked me some great questions about the music industry and how it relates to my music as well as my journey as an independent artist.

Thanks again to the great crew over at Be Our Geek for giving me the opportunity to share and discuss my new music!

Miss Shannan and Jatin explore whether we’re still feeling stuck in “The Matrix” 20 years later. And our Guest GEEK Singer/Songwriter Jud Hailey joins us down the Matrix rabbit hole and shares his stories of the music industry and his new song,”Whiskey & Me.” Get more info on Jud at Find all of Jud Hailey’s music on your favorite streaming service. Plus, follow Jud on Facebook and Instagram.
Plastic Doll The Official Lyric Video

Plastic Doll The Official Lyric Video


The official release of the official lyric video

Released! Plastic Doll the lyric video is now live! I am super excited to release this video. It represents something complete different from my usual. I feel like the visuals embody the song. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making.




The Introduction to the Lyric Video

The Lyric Video

New Year, New Studio, New Music

New Year, New Studio, New Music

This is my happy place! I am complete here. Where is your happy place? Comment below

Welcome to 2019!  I am always super excited to for the new year.  Then again I am also the type to consider Mondays exciting too.  LOL

I have this strange conundrum of believing that the new year is a fresh start and in the same instance do not support new years resolutions.  

I always have goals and one goal is to create something every day for a month.  Its Jan 29th as I am writing this and so far I am doing pretty great!

I have created something for YOU everyday. I will send you an email when I am ready for you to have it.  

Most of what I have created is music but, there are other things like cloths, videos, and posts.  I am jazzed to get this stuff your hands.

2018 was a year to remember and probably the busiest summer I have had in all my career.  and in 2019 I am seeking to have just as busy of a year.  

I am really pushing to do some NEW stuff this year.  Play new clubs, Release new Music, Play some music on the radio (by the way did you hear Jackson Hole on the radio!!!) are just a few of the things i’d like to accomplish.

LIVE ON BOBFM (around 30min)

New Studio

The post image is of my new studio.  My wife and I worked our tails off to get into our new home and now I have an amazing space to create!  #happy

Since moving in I have been honing my skills on creating some solid music and also curating relationships with other industry talents.

Again, I am looking forward to sharing that with you.  Until next time!

Love you,

P.S. Look at all the new stuff!!!!!




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