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Blog 0 Comments Written by Jud Hailey  May 2, 2016  2021 New Music doesn't stop with a complete album!!!  Now the coming Feb 5th a New song titled Acid Rain is set to be released on all streaming networks! "'Acid Rain' is an emotional journey that unfolds sonically. The story of love and [...]

Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 2021

Jan 22, 2021 | 0 comments Very Best Americana Albums You Need To Listen To 20210 comments Written by Jud Hailey In 2021 is already hitting the road at top speeds of awesomeness! Although, it might be the wizard behind the curtain. Iv’e been trying to find ways to unveil the little parts of me [...]

All Good Things

Today is January 9th and 9 days ago I released a full length album. I titled it All Good Things. 13 songs of Americana music. I’m choosing to write a little story about each track on the album to creat a deeper understanding. As some have said, my writing style can be vague. Yet trust […]

The Movies I Watched

2021! It’s twenty21! That’s fun to say and to think about. I’m a huge sci-fi nerd and I kinda like knowing that I live in the future. At least by the standards of every ‘80s sci-fi movie I watched as a kid. As a kid I wore out the VHS movies I loved! I remember […]

March Music Madness

March is not only a month for leprechauns but it also is the first taste of warm weather in MN. Hopefully…oh and Minnesota Live Music March

2020 Vision – February Dates

Strong From The Start Lets keep this year going strong!  2019 was amazing to perform live music and I had an amazing time meeting new people and getting to existing friends better. Now with the new year in full swing i want to get back to website updates.  I hope you enjoy them!  Also, if [...]

Whiskey & Me Review

“Whiskey & Me” can be downright terrifyingly real as Jud pours himself into the endless depths of the bottle throughout the words of his new single, drowning himself in sorrows while serving us up a sweet mix of heartbreaking melody & spot-on musicianship.

SD Voyager Write Up

This is my first official write up by a dedicated art magazine and I’m super excited to share the article with you here(link to article).

Be Our Geek

What do I have in common with the movie “The Matrix”? Well, we’ve both been around for 20 years and we were both recent topics of discussion on the “Be Our Geek” podcast with Miss Shannan and Jatin.

Plastic Doll The Official Lyric Video

I have released the official lyric video for Plastic Doll! Super fun stuff here! Watch this music video now!

Plastic Doll Official Release

Plastic Doll Press release and Pre-order

New Year, New Studio, New Music

2019 is so exciting! I am happy to close the door on 2018 and move on! However, New year means a New commitment…

Small Steps Big Waves!

That Time I Hosted An MTV Show

Happy Is As Happy Does

What is it to be happy?  Truly happy.  Every day, every week, every moment?  Is it possible?  Most people are simply unaware of their ability to feel full-filled.

4th of July 2018

Wahoo!  4th of July is such a great time of the year!  There was so much to say and do that I drummed up another video to explain what was going on. This week I was so excited for the shows that I released the Big Waves Tank . If your in the neighborhood next [...]

Epic Drone Footage For Fathers Day

Summer Time is really my favorite time of the year!  But its not just because of the beautiful weather or tan bodies!  Of the many reasons one is my dads Birthday. As a kid I have many fond memories around his birthday.  oh the camping trips and the BBQ Ribs!  seriously though they are soooooooooo […]

Beer & Wine

Green Rooms And More There is always this smell from the past years in the room.  The only way I can describe it is an old basement meets your grandmas house.  Almost like you could smell the bands that were there before you.  They have always just been called them green rooms.  I’m not really [...]

The Dollar Bill Notes

What a week!  Summer solstice was just last week!  Whats awesome about that is its my dads birthday!  Happy Birthday Young Man! The week was filled with shows!  in fact, 6 shows in 5 days.  I am rather enjoying this day off with my kids.  We are chilling by the pool.  However, I love to [...]

The Big Stuff Wedding Ceremony & A Loss of A Life

A Planned Week | Never Goes To Plan No matter how well planned out my week is it never goes exactly to plan.  Thats usually the case though… Right? Last weeks shows were in town and some venues that I quite often perform at.  However, from the very start it was wasn’t mundane or expected. [...]

Why Haven’t I Written?

NO!  I am not breaking up with you!  In Fact, I love you very much.  I love when you watch my videos.  I love when you comment on my blogs and I love when I see you out at shows. I find it strangely humorous that you want to hear Free Bird despite my insistence [...]

The Official Invite To The Unofficial Event

Hey Friends!  What  busy year it has been for us!  Last week was officially the end of the summer tour season for me.  Which means I will be home a little more and focused on digital stuff.  I know you haven’t heard from me much in the last week so I wanted to catch you [...]

EP1.Timothy Howe.Brews & Eats With Badass Peeps

Join us with your favorite craft brew as we dive into music, Entrepreneurship, and business lessons along the journey. Timothy Howe has tried out for the Voice and American Idol and is currently one of MN’s Premier acts to follow. Performing an astonishing 5-6 nights a week and still alive to tell the story!

EP2.AdamDaniel.Brews & Eats With Badass Peeps

Join Us as we dive into another session with Musician Adam Daniel! This incredible man has steadily created a career with his uncanny sense of navigation and studied craft. Learn from a master in this episode of Brews & Eats With Badass Peeps.

The Battle With The Giant

What a great season it was with Giants Ridge.  I put a close on 2017 with a huge party up there.  Seemed like last year this time when I played there for the first time… Actually, it was this time last year. Ha  If you joined my there this last weekend thanks for an amazing [...]

Release The Search Team

If you joined me at any of my shows last week then you know it was a special week.  The weather was just right and the air had a slight touch of Fall in it. The sunsets were pink and orange.  Despite work the next morning you joined me.  Breaking into the weekend fast and [...]

OMG! He Left His Guitar Outside All Night!

I have a hard time expressing my gratitude to you every week!  However, this last week was amazing especially with all your support. I performed an astonishing 26 hours of music last week!  Not one of those hours was unattended by amazing music lovers like yourself. Labor day and the state fair did not hurt [...]

I didn’t See That Coming

Wahoo!  You guys rock!  Last week we sang for over 1000 new people and we gained almost 200 new fans online!  I have to be honest, nothing feels better than meeting new music lovers like yourself.  I thought I was passionate about music until I meet you guys. Nathan and I played in Baxter MN [...]

All Man Aboard

It was a soft week!  Meaning I only played 4 shows.  I apologize to those of you that went to B52’s and I wasn’t there (communication error).  I will make it up to you this week for sure! Last week was really a great week!  I released my rendition of Allman Brothers-Midnight Rider!  To which, [...]

What Happens in Okoboji Stays In Okoboji

I started a new weekly release called TBT (throw back Thursdays) where I release a song from the Throw Back.  Last week was my first TBT and it was pretty fun!  I decided to perform the TBT from the stage in Okaboji, IA.  Although, the sound in the video was rough the recording turned out [...]

The X-Rated Palates Show

I started this whole crazy journey in a coffee shop just outside of my home town.  I played for a bag of coffee (which i’d hadn’t discovered its wonderfulness yet) and a few claps! Looking back, I freakin’ loved it!  I played as many places as I could all along working a day job at [...]

The Best Way To Get Free Stuff

It was another travel week for me and I have to say what a whirlwind!  The week started slow then picked up to light speed!   Every month Nathan and I travel to Baxter, MN where we perform at Maddens.  I have created a few videos on maddens click here. This year though, we picked [...]

By Sunday I Knew Their Drink Choice

Just about 240 miles away from my home is an amazing resort called Giants Ridge.  Late in the Fall of 2016 Giants Ridge opened a new restaurant called The Burnt Onion.   I have performed there a few times this year and last week was my last performance for the summer season.  During my stay [...]

I Was Double Booked

We had our first chilly day of summer last week.  62 degrees!  While thats not even close to coat/jacket weather for us Minnesotans; it certainly is a reminder that nothing lasts forever (like beautiful days)! It was another full week of awesome shows!  I got the chance to play at two new venues; Baldman Brewing [...]

I Totally Lost My Voice!

Such a super busy and HOT summer!  I hope you have had the chance to to enjoy a show near you!  If not there is plenty of opportunity for you!  This year marks the busiest summer I have had yet! I am enjoying it!  Yet if you catch a Sunday afternoon show you will defiantly [...]



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