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It was another travel week for me and I have to say what a whirlwind!  The week started slow then picked up to light speed!


Every month Nathan and I travel to Baxter, MN where we perform at Maddens.  I have created a few videos on maddens click here. https://youtu.be/yNfCfTxnTLQ

This year though, we picked up a second Saturday show at Cuyuna Brewing in Emily, MN.  This is a super fun gig with fantastic beer!  http://www.cuyunabrewing.com/

That pretty much kept us super busy!  Yet, I did get a chance to record to stuff that we did.  Stay tune to my Youtube channel for new videos on that.


Also!  I began a new social network trend for you guys.  #humpdaygiveaway that I will be running every week! make sure you visit my Facebook page to find the winners each week.


I am picking from my list of email subscribers and announcing the winners on Facebook.  Good luck!









P.S The new signature series of items was leaked last week!  did you get a chance to see them?   Click here:

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