It was a soft week!  Meaning I only played 4 shows.  I apologize to those of you that went to B52’s and I wasn’t there (communication error).  I will make it up to you this week for sure!

Last week was really a great week!  I released my rendition of Allman Brothers-Midnight Rider!  To which, I am very proud of.  One Fran(Friend + Fan) thought I should release the TBT early in the week.  Then of Thursday do a live session.

I am curious what you think.  Reply to this email if you think I should release the TBT songs early to you amazing music lovers.

On another note, Season 2 Episode 2 of the Vlog was released last week on youtube.  Its really about exploring different places.  If you haven’t yet check it out here:  https://youtu.be/IjLYUJQslfE

I especially love the part when my buddy Timothy Howe is rocking 2 hats and 2 glasses.  Super fun stuff here guys. https://youtu.be/IjLYUJQslfE

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The website has changed again!  I am always working on it to make your experience way better!  If you are on a tablet or a phone go visit the site now!  https://www.judhailey.com/

Have a great week!


Also as a follow up from last weeks newsletter I am revealing 2 items for the VIP membership program.  Remember that you get all this amazing stuff when you sign up!

1   Music Lovers Signature T-Shirt

2   Forever Hot/Cold Signature Water Bottle

3   Volume 1 CD – Acoustic Special Release (Never released)

4   Jud Hailey Live (Featuring Nathan Ward) CD – Gold Edition (Special Release)







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