2020 All Good Things is the album of the year! Recorded during the pandemic using creative high tech solutions.

Today is January 9th and 9 days ago I released a full length album. I titled it All Good Things. 13 songs of Americana music. I’m choosing to write a little story about each track on the album to creat a deeper understanding. As some have said, my writing style can be vague. Yet trust me when I say it all has a storyline.

When I set out to write song I generally try to explain an image, moment, or scene in my head. Sometimes fictional and a lot of times nonfictional. However, not every storyline is immediately related to me and my life. Take for instance Plastic Doll a song I released mar 1 2019. This song represents a person that would do so much for fame that they would sell their soul to the devil (the machine) to get it. This story is one that I can relate to because of a close personal friend that sold her morals to become a model.

All Good Things was not written much differently. Yet, because of quarantine I was forced to create characters and storylines from nothing. Not unlike a writer for a movie.

One Of Those Songs

I chose to open the album with this acoustic Americana song because it was the softest of the bunch. I wanted to ease the listener into the album. Start slow…

In the music world (rather all pop art industries) there is no such thing as critic free. In fact, many artists will submit their music for critic review. This can be a challenge because music is extremely subjective. Even the best songs in the world have been unfairly criticized.

This song is a response to the critics that forget to listen to music for what it is instead of trying to fit it into a tiny box of specification.

“If you wanna dance just get up and dance like nobody is watching and nobody cares.”

Another Round

A love struck couple drinking their heartbreak away. I originally wrote this song in 2017 with my friend Haley Dawn. It came pretty quick to us and we recorded the scratch tracks shortly after that.

I released that track on an CD called Jackson Hole Raw. A series of studio recorded songs that where far from finished. The track stood out with fans and was definitely on the list of songs to finish for All Good Things.

Another Round really did take a tremendous amount of mental power from me. I’m typically the type of person that won’t revisit creative works. I definitely chase shiny lights and that shows in many unfinished songs or videos.

The next best thing is the newest. Yet, Another Round was beckoning me. I called my friend Jeff King and started the song. I’m glad I did because it started this monster in to record more consistently.


Monsters and demons! I wish I had the big budget some artists have to create a video for this song. I imagine a wizard of oz style storyline.

Lost is a journey through emotional separation of reality and exploring the feeling of being completely lost in discomfort of it. For many experiencing this disconnect it can be completely debilitating.

Better on Paper

From inside the head of Mrs Havishame. This storyline is one of my favorites. The twist to the song is in the perspective. Vague? I think not! This song is the internal monologue of any selfish human you have known.

Stars Align

It’s hard to think about this song any other way. But I love the cassette style audio in the beginning and the crashing waves at the end.

What ever ties you up in your attempt to love someone; may the stars align with you.

Loving Without You

An ocean side tavern that was once a favorite place to be with a lost/died loved one.

I worked hard to paint a picture in your mind on this one. I’m interested in knowing what you see or think of on this one! Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Until the next blog I think I’ll stop right here! I am super interested in having a discussion with you. Leave a comment below! I’ll reply! Cheers!


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